Banks: Marketing for Growth in 2019

  • Nov 28, 2018


Bank marketing has changed over the last several years. Traditional in-branch brochures and print advertising have taken a backseat to digital marketing campaigns and social media efforts. 2019 brings with it the promise of more technology upgrades/adoptions and increased competition from fintech and national lenders. So how can you accelerate your marketing efforts in 2019 to stand out from the competition and draw new prospects to your bank?


BE Different


How do you keep your organizations name highly visible all year round? Be different. Every bank has a marketing plan and many are focused primarily on digital marketing efforts. Social media, website upgrades, mobile platforms are all great ways to keep your current customers engaged and educated. But, what makes your organization stand out from the rest? Being different with your messaging, giveaways, events, and signage can all make a difference. Be deliberate in creating your own identity and sharing that with prospects and customers. Need a good example?  Check out this brief article highlighting a small bank who made big things happen with their marketing efforts:


BE Surprising


In an industry like banking, a little surprise can go a long way! Avoid the “That’s the way we’ve always done it!” pitfall. Instead, measure the results of your existing marketing efforts and cull the ones that just aren’t working as well anymore. That will free up a portion of your budget to find new ways to surprise and delight your prospects. Consider avenues that will get your bank the best visibility whether that’s attending local events, buying commercial time, or launching a new product. Don’t overlook out-of-the-box options like guerrilla marketing, augmented reality, projection, and the latest tech products.


BE Coordinated


Tie your bank’s vision and goals to your brand and selling goals for year. Once you get your overall plan ready, try to use as many marketing channels that make sense for your plan. Drive your messaging through digital channels, print marketing, signage, and giveaway items to help your marketing efforts look coordinated and overall, memorable.


BE Helpful


Select marketing products that your prospects will want! Avoid selecting the same gifts and products that you did last year, instead look for newer products that will be helpful around the house, in the car, or while traveling. These products tend to stick around longer and prospects will actually thank you for them.




How can you keep your current customers and make them shout your bank name from the roof tops? According to CGI Group, here’s what Bank Consumers really want:


81% of consumers want to be rewarded for their business. This means delivering great customer service, treating them like they are your only customer, and maybe looking at ways to start a rewards program or revitalize the one you have. Many banks focus their rewards program primarily on gaining new customers and tend to overlook current/long-term customers. Promotional gifts are a great option as a part of an overall rewards program. There are many high quality promotional products that make thoughtful gifts to help your customers feel valued.


We would love to help you enhance your 2019 marketing plans with promotional product ideas. It engages all 5 senses, making it much your message more memorable. Besides, customers of all ages love to receive gifts! We can provide everything from the pens and cell phone wallets you give away at events, to the signage in your lobby, to the gifts you provide to reward customers for their business. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.



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