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  • May 29, 2019

Summer is a time when things can slow down and it seems like everyone but us is at the beach sipping piña coladas. But, if you are looking for more exposure for your business or special events this summer, you don't want to miss out on the opportunity that promotional advertising can bring. Be a part of their summer stories!
Promotional products are effective in reaching busy people during the summer months because:

a. They don't require a computer or the internet (online ads/social media).

b. You don't have to drive by on a certain road to see it (billboards).

c. You don't have to be watching television at a specific time to notice them (television ads).

d. They are super portable (well, most of them anyway!) and they are often found traveling WITH your customer on their summer adventures.

e. People like free items, so they are often widely used and kept.
Don't let the hot weather slow down your business this year! Choose some promotional products that will keep you at the top of their mind even during the busy summer months. Here are some ideas for some great products that will fit right into most people's summer plans:
Seaside Beach Towels
Bluetooth Speaker Water Bottle 
Giant Victory Tower
Color Changing Water Bottle
Vehicle Sunshade
Folding Chair
11 Piece BBQ Set
Color Changing Sunglasses
(Click on picture for a video!)
All Purpose Waterproof Pouch
Need more ideas or have questions about one of these? Reach out to us! We are your go-to advertising partner this summer and all year long. 

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