Cross Country Specialty Advertising goes above and beyond providing personalized experiences for promo items for TBS Factoring. We asked for a working partnership where we could work together on branding our company, providing nice giveaway options for our clients and associates, and building trust with our promo company knowing we get the best pricing; and we got it ten-fold! We have multiple business units with different branding and messaging for each, and Karesa understands each one! Cross Country is our #1 go-to promo company.



  • Alyssa Brackett
  • TBS Factoring Service, LLC

"Karesa and her team provide creative ideas and top notch service. Love working with a local team willing to go above and beyond for us."

  • Jennifer Lown
  • Oklahoma's Credit Union

"Cross Country's customer care team is unmatched. Thank you to their team for consistently helping me reach my goals both personally and professionally!"

  • Marilyn Courtney
  • Oklahoma's Credit Union

"Cross Country Specialty Advertising is my go-to partner for ordering unique branded items for my company. Karesa and her team provide top of the line customer service and I very much enjoy doing business with them all. Whenever I'm looking for an awesome, out-of-the-box item to give away at an event or as a "thank you" to our customers, her team answers promptly with numerous, brilliant ideas. Pro tip: Ask Karesa about "the pizza cutters". They've been a huge hit among our customers! Cross Country is amazing and I'm proud to do business with them!"

  • Kaityln Bonds
  • Cumberland Connect

"When we started out OEC Fiber I needed to work with someone who could be fluid with us as we figured out how we wanted to brand ourselves and also market ourselves. Cross Country Promotions made it simple. There was never any pressure to buy, it was more of a “we are here when you need us as you figure it out and be a trusted advisor as you figure it out.” Karesa and her team have been there since Day 1 and will be there with us as we continue to grow and evolve."

  • David Goodspeed
  • OEC Fiber

"Picking out swag that is both high-quality, affordable and perfect for your subscribers can feel overwhelming. Karesa and the entire Cross Country team have saved us both time and money, and we always rest easy knowing they are equally invested in the quality of our promotional items as we are. They have always gone above and beyond for us, and have very much become trusted partners. Our partnership has truly helped us develop a strong brand identity while also surprising and delighting our subscribers."

  • Kayla Brandt
  • OEC Fiber