6 Ways to Go Green With Your Promotional Marketing

  • Apr 28, 2021

6 Ways to Go Green With Your Promotional Marketing


What is “Green Marketing”? Green marketing refers to the minimization of using natural resources to produce products and reduce waste. As landfills take in billions of pounds of waste a year, more companies are looking for ways to create an eco-friendly way to run and market their businesses. 


Earth Day is celebrated every April 22nd; If you are looking for ways to be a more sustainable company and go green with your marketing efforts for Earth Day and beyond, we have some awesome eco-friendly ideas for you! 


Bamboo Products: according to bambooplantshq.com, bamboo is good because it has non-harmful features. It doesn't need anything other than water and the sun to grow. It cleans our air more than trees or other plants. Bamboo is a far more sustainable wood and harvesting it has a lesser impact on the environment. Items like cutting boards, utensils, lunch kits, and even drinkware are made using bamboo. 


Reusable Grocery Totes: As more grocery stores and retail establishments are eliminating plastic bags to help reduce the amount of bags that fill our landfills and sewer lines, there is a push for shoppers to bring their reusable totes to stores. Using reusable totes lessens the world’s carbon footprint and are often made of recycled materials. 


Stainless Steel or Reusable Straws: Plastic straws are a huge environmental concern. You might have noticed that many cafes, restaurants, and fast food places no longer hand out straws unless you ask. This is a promising push toward eliminating straw waste that kills almost 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals each year. Read more statistics about the harmfulness of plastic straws here:  https://get-green-now.com/environmental-impact-plastic-straws/


By committing to using paper, stainless steel or other reusable straws, your organization can help contribute to making our planet a cleaner, healthier place for animals and humans. 


Seed Paper: One of our favorite ways to help reduce deforestation is by using seed paper in place of printed paper products like business cards, brochures, and postcards. Seed paper is made from 100% post-industrial, recycled paper and dyed with all-natural, vegetable-based pigments. Seed paper is exactly what it sounds like; the paper is embedded with seeds. After it has been used, consumers can plant it and it will grow. It is 100% biodegradable. From vegetables, herbs, and flowers, there are many seed paper products to choose from. 


Apparel: Yes, even t-shirts and jackets are now being made from recycled materials. From recycled plastic bottles to other post-consumer, recycled content, there are many apparel items that are environmentally-friendly! 


Bar Soap: Although liquid, bottled soap is the standard these days, it also contributes to environmental hazards due to its plastic packaging. Bar soap, on the other hand, is usually packaged with limited paper packaging, and that paper is also many times made of post-consumer materials. 

Doing your part to help reduce the environmental impact of product waste is an initiative your company can take and feel gratified by. More organizations are looking for companies to partner with that take pride in helping the planet. You can start by doing your part and ordering eco-friendly marketing materials, and our team at Cross Country can help you take that step!

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