The Importance of In-Person Connection

  • Feb 25, 2022


Make no mistake about it, digital communication has become something we have come to rely on. Communication through email, Zoom, instant messaging and social media have made business communication fast and easy. But is the age of digital connection causing a disconnect? 


When I created my team, I knew that my business model would allow me to hire a team that could work from anywhere. This allowed me to be able to choose from a national candidate pool, and not be restrained by only having to hire local candidates.  This model has served me well and I can say I have some of the most talented and industry- experienced people on my team. Our organization has a mix of locally-based employees, as well as remote workers. The tools we use allow us to communicate efficiently.


But even with all of that technology, I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing replaces the value you build with in-person connection. Earlier this month, I had the privilege to join our team together for a trade show in Fort Worth, TX. This was the first time most of our team was able to meet face-to-face. It allowed us the opportunity to foster solid relationships, gather socially, and build stronger connections. 


Not only were we able to build a stronger team mentality, but we were able to meet with vendors that for years, we've only known their faces by the picture in the signature of their email. It truly was the epitome of “putting a face to a name”.  The resounding phrase heard at the trade show was, “it’s so nice to be back to in-person shows.” The reality is that face-to-face meetings are irreplaceable when it comes to building team and client relationships. 


In a recent survey by Embassy Suites, it was found that there’s overwhelming support for the idea of businesses giving their clients authentic face-time. Of business travelers polled by Embassy, 97 percent said face-to-face interaction was “the most important part of developing and maintaining strong client relationships,” and 53 percent said they were increasing their in-person meetings with clients compared to previous years.


In an ever-increasing digital world, there isn’t a perfect answer as to how to find the perfect balance between video and in-person meetings. But we must make an effort to commit to nurturing our client and team interactions with a personal touch.


How will your organization be continuing to foster your relationships with the increase of digital communication? What method are you using? We’d love to hear your feedback! 



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