Setting Goals Jan 2022

  • Feb 1, 2022

With the new year comes new goals. This year, I chose to set well-defined goals that will allow my business to scale. My roadmap included five different targets that will help me attain the objectives I have for my business in 2022.


Set Quarterly Customer Meetings

The promotional industry has always been one with a lot of moving parts. I work with hundreds of manufacturers, many of which have been affected by supply chain issues over the last year. To to get ahead of some of those problems, I realized it was vital to meet with my customers on a regular basis so that we can plan ahead, be proactive and be sure that we are able to meet their needs. 


With some products being delayed for months, my goal is to be sure I understand the events and marketing objectives my clients have for the rest of the year, ensuring that we can get them the products they need, when they need them.



This year, my objective is to bring on five to seven new clients. This required me to consider the amount of time and resources I have in order to do this. I have an amazing team that I can entrust to help me handle the volume of new work that will be involved. Each person on my team plays a vital role in allowing me to bring on new customers. This goal would not be attainable without the important role each person on my team has in our success and expansion.


Focusing on a Target Market

As an owner, I have identified two key markets that I work with. This allows me to have a clear focus on who my prospects are, what their needs are and allows my business to have a clear brand message. This has allowed us to be more efficient with prospecting, reaching potential clients, to generate more referrals and revenue. Identifying these specific markets grants us more focus vs. shooting into a vast amount of black space. 

Creating Multiple Touch Points

We can’t be in all places at all times. But staying top of mind and in contact with our network on a regular basis is something that is very important to me and my team. Due to the fact that we can get pulled in a myriad of directions on any given week, we make sure we are sending bi-weekly marketing emails & newsletters, posting on social media multiple times each week and posting educational blogs on our website and LinkedIn. We also run quarterly direct mail campaigns and send gifts to our network, which has been a very valuable tool. This has paid off and helped us gain a number of new clients in a short period of time. 



I can’t stress the importance of staying consistent enough. A recent example of this is a new prospect that I stayed in regular contact with over a two-year period of time. After two years of frequently reaching out through many of the methods mentioned above, this prospect recently developed into a client. Consistency shows commitment and establishes trust with your audience. It allowed this person and their organization to get to know us, how we operate, what we produce, and build a relationship over time, without having to overwhelm them with annoying cold calls or unwanted solicitation. 


One of my favorite quotes is “Being persistent may lead you to the door, but consistency is the key that unlocks it.” This couldn’t ring more true. 

Setting and defining the right growth goals is allowing us a clearly defined approach toward our business growth. Each person on my team plays a role in helping us reach these achievements. What plans and vision do you have for your business this year? Email I’d love to hear about them!

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