A Day in the Life at Cross Country Specialty Advertising

  • Sep 21, 2021

To provide some real-life insight into how things work behind the scenes at Cross Country Specialty Advertising, we asked our team to provide us with what things look like for them each day - you might be surprised at what it takes to take your promotional project idea from idea to a beautiful, branded product.


Here’s a sneak peek at all of the elements that go into organizing a promotional products campaign:



To begin my day, I have to have at least ONE cup of coffee before I start my day! Each day is different for me, but I love the diversity of how our business operates. 


I work with our team to make sure I stay in touch with what is going on. Communication is key! We have several different meetings a week:

Project Meetings - in these meetings we look at every project that is in the queue and take care of next steps.

Creative Meeting: we work on all of our marketing efforts and our own creative campaigns. These meetings cover both our short-term and long-term marketing strategies and goals. 


I also have a weekly meeting with my operations manager making sure the new systems we are putting in place are working and evaluating any improvements that can be made. 


Additionally, I frequently review if any client follow-ups are necessary. 


You may also find me in a meeting with a client making sure we are on track and just keeping our relationship up. I also have meetings with prospects - potential clients. I love meeting face to face but we also do Zoom and Google Chat meetings.


Monthly you will find me meeting with our financial team - our CFO, Accounting, and our Operations Manager, making sure we are staying on track with our budget and billing. 


I am constantly creating new relationships in my industry, as we all know relationships are the key to success! I talk with other owners like myself and we share information and help each other along the way. I have found this to be an amazing way to learn and grow. 


Emails - they are endless but necessary:)


Every day is something new, and I LOVE this journey I am on:)


I begin each day at CCSA by checking emails and the calendar to see what each team member has going on.  I make sure everything is ready for Karesa to conduct smooth meetings with clients or prospects.  I spend part of my day collaborating with Sabrina and Karesa on how we can serve our clients and prospects more completely; we are always looking for ways to improve.  One of the most enjoyable parts of my day is sourcing merchandise for clients. From employee & client gifts to events, I love providing creative solutions to our partners. Additionally, making sure CCSA is organized and our clients’ needs are met is top priority!  



My day consists of paying vendors, billing clients.


There are a number of other things I am responsible for, but these two things take top priority.  There are a lot of steps involved as I deal with spreadsheets, our CRM, and Quickbooks.  Probably one of the most difficult aspects of each day is trying to get in touch with vendors to get them paid.  My favorite part of my day is seeing the money come in from a job that I know everyone has worked hard to accomplish for our clients. 


My day is brimming with processing orders once they are approved.  I get the purchase orders and artwork ready and sent over to the factory for processing.  I also work with clients during the proofing process to make sure that everything looks accurate before orders are produced.  I keep an eye on the order from start to finish working with the factory to ensure that our clients' orders are processed correctly.  This is a vital step in the order process. 



I begin each day checking in on our clients and their projects, ensuring everything is moving forward for the orders they've placed or are in process. 


My favorite part of the day is when we have a client seeking help with an event or appreciation gift. I love the process of helping create an experience for our clients and the people that receive their products and gifts.  Sharing stories can happen in so many ways and being a part of our clients/partners stories is extra special. 


Lately, it has been challenging when working with supply chain issues or longer than normal production times, but I love to think outside the box and see what fun solutions we can come up with. 



As someone who helps source ideas for client projects, a typical day for me includes: reviewing open projects and sourcing for items that would best fit the event, the attendees, and the budget, and working with our circle of trusted vendors. The biggest obstacle I face, especially as of late, are inventory and supply chain issues. 



Each day I get to use the creative side of my brain to develop content for CCSA. This includes creating copy and graphics for our social accounts, email campaigns, and blogs. In addition to those marketing functions, I collaborate with our team in our weekly Marketing Meetings and help us develop an overall marketing strategy that helps boost our brand and develops a stronger and deepened connection with our audience. 

Our ultimate goal at CCSA is to produce ideas and products that our customers love. As you can see, it takes a lot of coordination, collaboration, and teamwork to make sure we are living up to the standards we set for our business and the promises we make to our clients. It’s a wonderful industry we work in and we enjoy every last minute!