Back to School!

  • Jun 18, 2021

With the end of the school year comes excitement for summer: sitting by the poolside, family vacations, bbq’s and campfires. We may have only just ended this school year, but now is the perfect time to start thinking about your back to school product ideas. Whether you want to provide back to school essentials for grade school or college students, promotional products are an excellent way to promote excitement for the fall, build school spirit and get your logo seen by students, parents, teachers and administrators. 


Promote your brand within a school committee or sports team with these back to school ideas that will be well used and well seen this school year:


  1. Backpacks and totes: Perfect for hauling laptops, books, lunches and supplies, backpacks are essential for transporting student supplies.


  1. Lanyards: whether it’s to carry a school ID, keys, sanitizer or glasses, lanyards help keep important items within easy reach.


  1. Notebooks: not a school day goes by that a student doesn’t need to take notes or jot down reminders. Notebooks and journals make sure that students remember important things like homework, meetings and after school activities. 


  1. Flash drive: with many students now working from laptops or tablets, flash drives allow pupils to easily transfer digital files from school to home.


  1. Water Bottle: eco-friendly water dispensers have been installed in many schools. These dispensers eliminate the unsanitary requirement of putting your mouth near a fountain. Instead they dispense water directly into a reusable water bottle. Many schools today ask that students bring a water bottle to school that can be used in these refilling stations. 


  1. Lunch Totes: whether it’s to store a quick snack for college students running across campus, or for grade school kids that need an entire meal, lunch totes provide insulation for hot and cold items. Many lunch totes also come with compartments and reusable plasticware for convenience. 



  1. Highlighters: these handy markers are perfect for highlighting notes or for teachers grading papers. 


  1. Mechanical Pencils: these handy pencils help students avoid having to run to the pencil sharpener with dull lead. Having a mechanical pencil on hand is great for students that don't want the hassle of carrying a sharpener with them or don’t want to disrupt the class with the loud sound of a sharpening pencil. 


  1. Padfolio: equipped with paper, pen slots and pockets, padfolios are great for staying organized.


  1. Apparel: what is back to school without school spirit apparel? From hoodies, hats, t-shirts, sweatpants and scarves, every student body embraces fun back to school gear! 

Back to school products can work well for your business if you choose items that are functional and will be used frequently. Creating student packs or back to school kits is an amazing way to get brand exposure within your community. How can your product or service based business get in on the back to school opportunity? Reach out to our team and we can help get your back to school promo ideas into motion!

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