Creating a Safe Workplace

  • Aug 6, 2020

One question we cannot seem to stop asking is "When will this pandemic be over?" Smart business owners know that safe procedures and an adequately prepared environment are crucial to "getting back to normal". No one knows when we will be given the all clear but employ these simple tips to make office safety your number one priority.


Keep Sanitary Practices Alive 

In order to keep safety in the workplace as your top goal, you need to consider sanitizing common areas and supplying tools to keep things disinfected. To keep people as safe as possible, you will want to sanitize surfaces but you also want to keep supplies on hand that people will need to keep areas and items clean and sanitized.


If there is one thing we are all aware of, it is that formerly sanitized things can quickly become contaminated and carry germs. It is crucial to supply hand sanitizer and make hand washing stations available for use for your office safety. This is a great way to keep your workers happy and healthy and free from fear for their health that can negatively impact their work. 


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Get the Word Out

How else can you promote the health and safety of your workplace? Put signage in appropriate, high traffic areas. For example, place signs instructing readers on correct hand washing procedures above sinks in the bathroom or a reminder on the front door to wear a mask or face covering before coming in.


This is the perfect opportunity to invest in new equipment that will lead to a better standard of safety in the workplace. Many pieces of new equipment will require some bold signs to show people how they are used. For instance, new hand dryers in the restroom designed to cut down on the growth and spread of bacteria that fester on damp paper towels and hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the office need directions for correct usage. This way your workers can use them in the correct manner, in order to provide a safer and healthier environment.


Use accessories for Added Health and Safety 

Federal guidelines that are designed to safeguard health in the workplace request you to have the appropriate personal protection equipment. This equipment, also known as 'PPE', can include gloves, a mask or other barriers designed to stop the spread of droplets that can emit from the mouth or nose. Having the right amount of PPE is considered one of the best ways we can reopen our society safely. We are all united in our desire to return to a sense of normalcy. 


PPE equipment and sanitation practices not only help us keep our team and customers safe from dirt and germs, but also show that we care about the health of everyone we encounter each day. Use of all of these products and practices together will help your company transition safely and effectively to a functional environment once again.