How We Survived 2020

  • Oct 7, 2020

How Businesses Have Survived the 2020 Pandemic

There is no doubt that 2020 has been the most challenging year for most businesses, including our team at Cross Country! With the Coronavirus pandemic extending its grip on the world, businesses were thrust into unchartered territory. We were all forced to make changes in our businesses to ensure long-term survival. Below are ways our company was able to survive the 2020 pandemic:

 Increased engagement with customers


Since most of us have never faced a natural disaster of this magnitude, we found that most customers were empathetic to the disruptions that were beyond our control. Many of our factories were shut down and production almost screeched to a halt. However, we did not ignore the fact that our customers still expected timely updates and transparency. By reaching out to our network, we were able to relay as much information to each of you as possible. This opportunity gave us the chance to personally connect with our customers in ways we hadn’t before. Almost everyone had less on their plate. What used to be short conversations due to the workload of our team and our clients, turned into deeper, more personal connections. 

Through transparency and continuous communication, we did everything we could to alleviate our customers concerns. While many customers had questions about our supply chain, we did everything in our power to relay as much information as we could in a timely manner. We are so grateful for the understanding nature of our clients and for the valued relationships we have with them.

Thank goodness for technology that supported virtual communication and remote work capabilities

As governments and the media urged people to stay at home to curb the virus's spread, we quickly activated remote work capabilities for our employees. These communication tools have been a lifesaver in keeping our businesses afloat. Our employees were able to easily transition to remote work and were able to hold online meetings. We easily jumped this hurdle because we already had the necessary tools that enabled our employees to stay virtually connected and work remotely. By setting up remote offices and creating a virtual team, we were able to continue providing service to our customers and our business managed to keep our heads above water.

How Can You Develop a Pandemic Proof Communication Strategy?

During any crisis, effective communication is key to preserving trust, market stability and retaining confidence and morale. While the pandemic has added an extra layer of complexity in communications, it’s important to have a well-laid out process for internal and external engagements by use of virtual communication platforms. We use platforms like:

 Google Chat: this is a direct messaging app that allowed our team to communicate efficiently from anywhere, whether it be a laptop or smartphone.


Google Video: Sometimes there are things that are just too detailed for a direct message or email. This is where Google Video was immensely helpful. Google Video is an extension of Goggle Chat, which allowed our team to meet and go over larger projects “face to face”.

CommonSku: This is our CRM and order entry system. This tool allows us to enter project and order updates, as well as any supplier or client communication. Everything we need to know is entered in this system so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Trello: Trello is a collaboration tool that helps us organize our projects onto boards. We share ideas and updates within this tool. We can share inspiration, assign tasks to teammates, set deadlines and stay up to date on any other team projects that are in process. Think of it like as a virtual white board.

All of these things were a necessity in helping transition from a physical environment to a virtual workforce. This helped us remain in touch and act with precision to help our most valued customers. Although this year was challenging for everyone, we are looking forward to 2021 and the good things it has in store. Thank you for sticking with us and congratulations; you have almost made it to the years end!

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