The Importance of Corporate Gifting

  • Jul 8, 2021


How can you foster deeper, longer-lasting client relationships? Amazing customer service and a can-do attitude always comes first, but showing gratitude with a gift is a thoughtful and personal way to acknowledge your customers loyalty to your company. Gifts show your customers that they mean something to you and make them feel appreciated. 


As your customers can be situated throughout the country and even the world, sending gifts can build a stronger connection to customers you might not be able to see or meet in person. Corporate gifting also reflects your generosity as a business. Displaying your generosity and a focus on goodwill will also have a large impact on the perception your customers have of your brand and your team, which in effect will help develop repeat business and expand referrals, which will then develop into more revenue. 


But if you are going to establish a corporate gifting program, it should be done with a solid strategy. Here are some things to consider when establishing your corporate gifting program. 


Make Sure They Are Suitable For the Recipient

Choosing the right gift for your client should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. Consider the person's title, interests or hobbies when deciding on the right gift. Choosing a gift that your recipient will find useful shows that you are paying attention and that you know your audience.


Add Your Branding

Corporate gifting is an arm of your marketing plan, so it goes without saying that the gifts should reflect your brand. Adding your logo to the gift ensures that each time your recipient uses it, they will be reminded of your company and your hospitality. 


Choose Quality Products

The quality of the gift you choose will be a reflection of your company and the level of importance your customer has to your business. In this case, there are many options available that are of great quality that won't break the bank. There are thousands of options available in the $25 range that will leave a strong impression. (And keep in mind that corporate gifts can also be used as a tax write-off - check with your accounting professional for these guidelines). 



Whether it’s adding a name to a product, or sending a handwritten note, adding personalization shows that you’ve taken the time to address the customer personally instead of a stock, generic message. Showing your customer that you have taken the time to address them personally will go a long way. 


What types of occasions should you consider when developing your corporate gifting program?



Work Anniversaries

Milestones and Project Accomplishments


Business Expansions

Referral Gifts

Prospect Gifts

Holiday Gifts


Corporate gifting allows you to have additional touchpoints with your audience throughout the year. It fosters a sense of connection and develops stronger business and personal relationships. Corporate gifting can be a powerful marketing tool when the correct strategy is used. Be sure to use consideration when choosing your gifts and you will see substantial return on investment. 


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